Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Three Healthy Foods That Cause Body

Body odor
is caused primarily by what we put into our bodies. If what we put into our bodies is dead, then what comes out will also smell of death. And this is the case with most processed and animal foods. They are no longer alive when they go into the mouth, and thus do not have a chance at being neutral when they come out through the skin.
In some cases body odor is caused by a certain disease or a health problem, such as cancer, diabetes or a metabolic disorder. But for the general population any odor that arises during a sweat is brought on by what was put into the mouth. Most are unaware of this, nor are they aware that some of the healthiest foods on their plate are the direct cause of body odor.
The reason these foods cause body odor is because they become toxic in the body even though they have a lot of nutrients to offer the body. This simply because the human body was not designed to digest large amounts of animal foods or any type of artificial food.
Meat and Meat Products
Meat is considered to be a staple food in the western countries because it is high in protein, which is an essential component for the human body. The thing with meat and meat products, however, is that they are very difficult for the human body to digest. The human digestive system is a long passageway through which the meat must travel through, and the longer it stays in the body the more toxic it becomes and the more toxins are absorbed into the body.
Some alternatives to meat include avocados, nuts and seeds, legumes and soy products.
Eggs are also known to cause body odor no matter how you prepare them. As with meats, they are also difficult to digest and cause toxins to build up in the body if consumed on a regular basis. In addition, they are high in cholesterol and other fats that take a long time to leave the stomach.
If using eggs in baking, one can substitute with oil, avocados, bananas, oil or other high-fat foods. Tofu and egg substitutes can be used instead of scrambled eggs.
Dairy and Dairy Products
Dairy is hard on the digestive system as well and can bring about a foul odor. It contains lactose, which not only messes with the digestive system, but it can also bring about other allergic reactions as well.