Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Common Repetitive Strain Injuries

You may not be aware of it, but you may develop conditions due to your very busy lifestyle. If you are working so hard and engaged in extreme physical activities, you may develop repetitive strain injury or RSI. RSI is damage in the muscular system, skeletal system and nervous due to the following reasons:
· Repetitive tasks that requires thinking and energy
· Too much exertion of force
· Vibrations
· Pressing the body or parts of the body against hard surfaces
· Awkward positions
These activities require your body to stretch more and work harder than what the body normally does. However, most cases of RSI are found in the upper limbs or the arms. Studies show that RSI are linked to the jobs and recreational activities a person performs. Also, studies have figured out that RSI is lined to computer-related injuries that is why kids are more likely to get it as today's generation use most of their times online. Its symptoms are experienced longer than other injures and there are times that it would stop and come back again. There are some specific repetitive strain injuries like the following:
· Epicondylitis- this RSI is acquired from overusing of tendons and muscles in the body. Elbows are the most common parts being affected by this RSI. This is common to athletes including tennis players and golf players.
· Dupuytren's Contracture- this RSI affects the lower arm down to the fingers. However, this is a very rare case in which a person has his or her finger/s bending on his or her palm. This is due to exhaustion of the tissues found in the palm.
· Diffuse RSI- is an undiagnosed condition. You may feel pain and stiffness in parts of your body and complain it to a doctor. However, examination would not see anything wrong about that area of your body.
· Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS)- this RSI is a condition diagnosed in the carpal tunnel in the wrist. The nerves are being compressed in this area making it hard for the blood to flow to the hands and fingers. The person may experience total numbness and pain on his or her hand and fingers while having this kind of condition.
· Bursitis- an RSI condition dealing with the inflammation of the bursa, or the fluid filled sacs that serve as a cushion to the bones so it will move freely and smoothly. When a person has Bursitis, he or she may experience pain at the affected area.